Return Policy

Everything Tactical is dedicated to serving the customer. 


Our return policy is simple. If you are not satisfied with

your purchase just contact us within 30 days and we will 

replace the item or offer you a refund.


Our goal is to avoid the inconvenience of returning the item

by the customer.

Any item that must be returned will have to be returned

at the customers expense and must be in original condition

and packaging.

Typical delivery is 2-4 weeks. We have no control over the shipping company. Because of this lack of control a refund will be given after the customer has not received their item after 65 days.


Sales Manager,

William Castleberry




























































Everything Tactical is dedicated to serving you the customer.

Your satisfaction is of the highest priority. We do everything 

within our ability to assure our customers are completely satisfied 

with their purchase and their service.


There is a guaranteed 30 day return on all items.

Items must be in original condition and packaging. 


Each item is treated on an individual basis. It is recommended

that you contact Everything Tactical about any issues you have

with your purchase.


Any item That needs to be returned to Everything Tactical Should be 

shipped to:

                  p.o. box 1274

                  Enka, NC



We Guarantee every customer who is not satisfied

with their purchased will be treated with the utmost



Sales Manager,

William Castleberry