How to Pack your Backpack - Organization & load distribution

You love to travel, but you hate the packing? After reading this article you will know how to pack like an professional.

Most people rate packing as the most unpleasant part of any trip. Common reasons are lack of space, uncertainty of weather or time pressure.

No matter how great or expensive your tactical backpack is, with the wrong approach packing remains a nightmare. 

With the right technique and a system that we will teach you in this article, these concerns won't be a problem for you in the future.

It all comes down to two guiding principals when packing your backpack:
Load distribution and organization.

Your heaviest items, like your food bag and shelter - should be placed against the back, in order to minimize their effect on your center of gravity.

Lighter items, like your hammock should be be placed in the "front" area of the pack.

Items not needed during the day, like your sleeping bag and pad, can be packed at or near the bottom of the pack.

Everything needed more frequently, like your pocket tool, today's food, and water bottle, should be at the top of the main compartment or in exterior pockets.

This video gives you further information on the recommendations outlined above:



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