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Navigation Tips - The correct way to use Binoculars

If you are on a tactical mission or taking some time to enjoy the outdoors, it might be essential to bring some binoculars with you.  In this article we will show you the best practices on how to correctly use any kind of binoculars. Follow these 4 steps and you will have a great experience using your binoculars.  1. Adjust The Eyecup If you don't wear glasses, the rubber eyecups should be set to the fully extended position.The eyecups should be set to a retracted positions, if you do wear glasses. The correct setting ensures you have a clear view without vignetting. 2. Adjust The Distance Between The EyepiecesThe distance between your eyes (interpupillary distance) varies from person to person. Adjust the distance of...

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How to Pack your Backpack - Organization & load distribution

You love to travel, but you hate the packing? After reading this article you will know how to pack like an professional. Most people rate packing as the most unpleasant part of any trip. Common reasons are lack of space, uncertainty of weather or time pressure. No matter how great or expensive your tactical backpack is, with the wrong approach packing remains a nightmare.  With the right technique and a system that we will teach you in this article, these concerns won't be a problem for you in the future. It all comes down to two guiding principals when packing your backpack: Load distribution and organization.Your heaviest items, like your food bag and shelter - should be placed against the back, in order to minimize their effect...

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How To Set Up A Hammock - Sleep Safe Everywhere

  This article will show you how to set up your hammock basically everywhere. Once you follow a few easy steps sleeping in a hammock can be easy, safe and fun.  1. Look Up Make sure that nothing can fall on you from above. Avoid old trees with loose branches. 2. The Right DistanceThe distance between the two main pillars (most of the times these are two trees) should be 3-5 meters. Note: choose trees that look alive and strong and are at least 15cm in diameter 3. The Right HeightRule of thump: attach your hammock at the height of your own head in order to guarantee an easy entry and exit.  4. Center Your HammockMake sure your hammock is centered - this...

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